Atlas Magazine January 2014

Training, the big challenge

In the fierce commercial battle involving insurers, training remains the driving force of development number one. Upgrading staff skills is the great challenge facing companies. For rich or poor, big or small, only one watchword for all: train or vanish.

Training is no longer considered as a source of expenditure, but as a wealth-generating investment. In fact, in an environment where businesses and markets evolve quickly, insurance companies can no longer rely solely on academic training structures. They are required to actively participate in the acquisition of knowledge of their staff, old and new. For emerging countries, this requirement is compounded by a second one: the need to overcome the lack of specialized learning centers.

In view of this demand, training supply itself has been diversified and especially adapted to the needs of insurers encompassing all activities, all staff and covering short, medium and long term aspects. It takes place outside and inside the workplace. It now benefits from the digital revolution, which, with the advent of new technologies, is expanding learning spaces. Henceforth, e-learning is settled in our offices and in the most remote corners of the corporate network, allowing staff to attend classes anytime and anywhere.

A new challenge? Indeed, but it is also an opportunity to seize for emerging countries to catch up. In Africa and in many other corners of the world, internet remains a challenge for the future.

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