2008 results

The Algerian insurance market is doing well. With 26% growth, the premium volume has risen from 53.8 billion DZD (776.8 million USD) in 2007 to 67.8 billion DZD (927.6 million USD) in 2008. Motor insurance remains at the top of the other classes of business with a total of 29.53 billion DZD (404.02 million USD) of written premiums, that is, 43.5% of the market's total volume. Property damage insurance comes second with 38% of the market shares. Life insurance has reaped just 8% of the premiums.

The paid claims amounted to 34.8 billion DZD (476.1 million USD) in 2008 versus 25.4 billion DZD (347.5 million DZD) in 2007. This figure is 37% higher than that of the previous year. Paid motor-related claims alone accounted for 60.34% of the overall claims paid in the same year, that is, 21 billion DZD (287.3 million USD).

The market is still dominated by the four state-owned companies: SAA, CAAR, CAAT and CASH which possess 74% of the market while the other seven private companies share the remaining 26%.

The production of intermediaries, general agents and brokers, has reported a progression of 31% in comparison with the previous year. Despite this growth, this distribution network is collecting only 23% of the premiums. Production remains in the hands of the direct network of the companies which totals 701 offices scattered nationwide.

The premium paid, per capita, has grown from 1 561 DZD (22.53 USD) in 2007 to 1 996.59 DZD (27.31 USD) in 2008.

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