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Established in 1995, NASR has taken over SMAR, Mauritania’s first insurance company.

In a newly independent country, SMAR has, for long decades, played a leading role in insurance, a role that NASR has perpetuated and modernized since the mid 1990s.

The company, deemed to be a breeding ground of skills, is now endowed with a qualified personnel in the field of insurance and reinsurance and with a know-how that enables NASR to further its ties with the largest foreign reinsurers thanks, especially, to the observance of its commitments, the reliability of its services and its timely settlements.

Within a difficult context and despite losses due to an unfortunate investment : its shareholding in Air Mauritania, driven out of business, NASR has managed to maintain a steady course. Despite the emergence of new insurance companies, NASR’s technical results are exceptional. With a loss ratio varying between 45% in 2007 and 28% in 2003 and 2004, the company posts an encouraging turnover in a country of diversifying wealth and multiplying resources.

  • Mohamed Abdallahi Sidi : Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Ahmed Ould Sidi Baba : General Manager
  • Elbar Ould Elytelmoudy : Technical advisor
  • Diew Oumar : Legal advisor
  • Sidi Mohamed Diallo : Consultant in charge of Audit and Control activities
  • Mohamed Abdallahi Saleck : Studies and Development Unit
  • Hademine Ould Sidi Mohamed : Administration & Finance Department
  • Cheikh Abdaty : Marketing Department
  • Moulaye Cheikh : Claims Department
NASR is in 2007 :
  • A turnover of 6.821 million USD
  • A capital of 2.261 million USD
  • A net result of - 2.211 million USD
  • A loss ratio of 45%
  • 86 employees
  • 4 general agencies

Head Office : Nouakchott, B.P 163
Tel : (222) 5252650-5252766-5256815
Fax : (222) 5251818-5256958
Website : www.nasr.mr
Email : nasr [at] nasr [dot] mr

Main financial highlights : 2003 - 2007

Performances : 2003 - 2007

Turnover split by class of business : 2003 - 2007

Life and Non life’s turnover evolution : 2003 - 2007

Thanks : We thank NASR for their kind assistance in the conception of this survey.
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