AGF Africa rename its subsidiaries

The AGF group has proceeded to the harmonization of its African subsidiaries' corporate names. The 12 subsidiaries implanted in the 8 Western and Central French-speaking African countries become:

  • In Benin: AGF SOBAC becomes AGF Bénin Assurances
  • In Burkina Faso:
    • AGF FONCIAS becomes AGF Burkina Assurances
    • AGF FONCIAS Vie becomes AGF Burkina Assurances Vie
  • In Cameroon:
    • AGF SNAC becomes AGF Cameroun Assurances
    • AGF SNAC Vie becomes AGF Cameroun Assurances Vie
  • In Central Africa: AGF UCAR becomes AGF Centrafrique Assurances
  • In Côte d'Ivoire:
    • AGF SAFARRIV becomes AGF Côte d'Ivoire Assurances
    • AGF SAFARRIV Vie becomes AGF Côte d'Ivoire Assurances Vie
  • In Mali: AGF AGM becomes AGF Mali Assurances
  • Au Sénégal:
    • AGF SNAS becomes AGF Sénégal Assurances
    • AGF SNAS Vie becomes AGF Sénégal Assurances Vie
  • In Togo: AGF AGT becomes AGF Togo Assurances
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