The new column, "Portrait" will be introducing a company through the key events and the personalities that have shaped its history. Arabia Insurance Company was founded in September 3, 1944 in Jerusalem by Fouad Saba, Basim Faris and a group of Palestinian businessmen.

The partition of the country compelled Arabia Insurance Company to transfer its offices to Beirut where it launched its life department in 1955. It inaugurated its head office premises at Ain El Mreisseh in 1959.

Fady Chammas
General Manager

From the outset, Arabia opted for a policy of expansion throughout the Arab countries. But later, it suffered a serious setback from the series of nationalizations of the insurance sector in Syria (1961), Iraq (1964), Yemen (1969) and Sudan (1970), the slowing down of its activities in Libya (1970), the Israeli-Arab conflicts (1967, 1973) and the Lebanese civil war (1975-1989).

But despite these multiple crises that have shaken the region, Arabia has proved to be resilient and capable of coping with the events, and it now continues to assume its task as a key actor in the insurance sector at the level of the Arab world.

Key dates

  • 2004:
    Creation of two new agencies in Lebanon, one in Saida and the other in Chtaura, thus consolidating its presence with 30 agencies and subsidiaries in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar
  • 2003:
    The Digest Arab Insurance Rating agency grants the “A” rating to Arabia
  • 1959:
    Inauguration of the company's current head office premises in Ain El Mreisseh
  • 1957:
    Creation of « Arabia's training Institute » for the staff's training
  • January 1955:
    Creation of the life department
  • 1948:
    The head office was removed to Beirut following the partition of Palestine
  • 1944:
    Creation of the company in Jerusalem

Arabia in 2004

Totally paid up capital
34 million USD
Gross premiums
62.3 million USD
12 million USD
Number of agencies and subsidiaries
7 countries
Number of employees
400 throughout 7 countries
Number of shareholders
419 among whom 80 employees of Arabia


Chairman of the board of directors
Hisham Bsat
Vice-chairman of the board of directors
Hani Atallah Freij
General Manager
Fady Chammas
DGM Reinsurance
Hicham Barraj
DGM Operations
Nabih Baaklini
DGM Human Resources & Administration
Carlos Saba

They have worked in Arabia, ...

Basim Amin Faris
Fouad Saba
Francis AlonzoBeshara DebbasBadr El Fahoum
Alain DebbasNamek IdrissiGeorge Nasr
Bassim Re’fat FarisBeshara HaddadGhassan Ridha

Main technical highlights: 2000-2004

in thousands USD
Non life
Gross premiums
41 23546 14646 99447 61257 959
Incurred claims
31 81829 23430 84730 73229 371
Loss ratio 1
Technical results (net of reinsurance)
-2 462-3 280-6761 6335 119
Financial income
7 3616 8649 8329 6008 119
Net result (after taxes)
1 9111 5505 5157 30510 997
Gross premiums
2 2822 5642 7803 3784 085
Incurred claims
Loss ratio 1
Technical results (net of reinsurance)
8199118031 3941 928
Financial income
1 7081 6111 3102 3361 875
Net result (after taxes)
1 153224500887865
1 Incurred losses/gross premiums; incurred losses = Paid claims + mouvement
of outstanding losses


Head office
Arabia House - Phoenicia Street -
P.O. Box 11 - 2172 - Beirut - Lebanon
(+961) 1 36 36 10/11
(+961) 1 36 36 59
arabia [at] arabia-ins [dot] com [dot] lb

Arabia's network

Beirut , Tripoli, Zalka, Saida, Chtaura
Mascate, Salalah
United Arab Emirates
Dubai , Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain
Saudi Arabia
Jeddah, Taïef, Makkah, Khamis, Musheit, Riyadh, Dammam, Houfouf.
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