Bancassurance, up by 26.9% in 2013

According to the latest newsletter of the "Conseil national des assurances" (CNA), the bancassurance's sector has recorded an increase of 26.9% with 1.6 billion DZD (20.38 million USD) of premiums received in 2013.

Life insurance still largely leads this sector, despite a slight drop of its market share following damage insurance's take-off.

It still owns 82.8% of the market in 2013, against 88.4% in 2012. Shares of the market's leader, Cardif Al-Djazaïr, has also declined to 71.9% in 2013 (against 81% in 2012), despite the 13%-growth of its premiums which have amounted to 135.4 million DZD (1.72 million USD).

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