Boeing's financial losses on the rise

Boeing 737The American manufacturer Boeing drew 4.9 million USD from the second-quarter profits (5.6 billion USD before taxes) to meet the expenses related to the crash of the two Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air planes. This is in addition to the cost of production slowdown estimated at USD 1.7 billion.

This exceptional charge of 4.9 billion USD will be used to compensate Boeing customers.

Estimated at 1 billion USD this spring, the bill for these two tragedies has continued to rise over time and could reach 10 billion USD by the end of the year. It would amount to 8 billion USD currently.

In a press conference, the president of the American aircraft manufacturer expressed his hopes that the Boeing 737 Max will take off again in the fourth quarter. Otherwise, a temporary halt in the production of the aircraft cannot be ruled out.

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