Completion of Southview project by the end of the year

Fidelity Life Assurance announced the delivery date of its Southview Park project in December this year. The success realized from the issuance of company bonds helped raise 12.7 million USD for property development located in the southern suburbs of Harare.

This amount, above expectations, helped to accelerate the construction that was initially set to be completed in 2016. About 40% of the 5300 lots offered for sale are completed today.

Fidelity Life Assurance has already collected 18.2 million USD through this project, in addition to 16.5 million USD of gross written premiums, which resulted in a turnover of 31.4 million USD in 2014, an increase of 108% compared to 2013. The 5.04 million profits realized in 2014 also went twofold.

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