Coronavirus is very costly for the French social security system

covid-19The identification and tracking of people contaminated by Covid-19 is an expensive operation for the social security which makes nearly 40 000 calls per day.

Moreover, with the full coverage of PCR tests by the health insurance (73 EUR; 83.5 USD), the number of screening requests has increased significantly to reach more than 1 million tests per week.

The National Health Insurance Fund believes that in 2020 PCR tests reimbursement would cost the health insurance system 1.6 billion EUR (1.8 billion USD).

The full coverage of teleconsultations is likely to further burden the social security system's expenses.

Faced with these exceptional costs related to Covid-19, the French authorities have decided to involve private insurance companies that grant complementary health insurance policies to their customers. These companies, whose expenses are decreasing due to the full coverage of the tests by the State, will have to pay 1 billion EUR (1.14 billion USD) as a contribution to the social security fund.

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