Coronavirus: Spread of the pandemic in the Middle East

In the Middle East, Iran remains the major cluster of the Coronavirus pandemic while in the other regional countries, the number of cases tested positive is growing constantly.
Middle East
    • 28 January
      United Arab Emirates: First case detected. It is also the first case detected in the Middle East.
    • 18 February
      Iran: First case detected.
    • 20 February
      Lebanon: First case detected.
      Iraq: Bagdad bans flights with Iran.
    • 21 February
      Iraq: First case detected.
    • 23 February
      Bahrain and Kuwait: First case detected.coronavirus
    • 27 February
      Saudi Arabia: Authorities suspend Mecca pilgrimage.
      Lebanon: Lebanese embassy calls on national to leave Iran.
    • 28 February
      Qatar: First case detected.
      Iraq: Shutdown of public areas.
    • 29 February
      Iraq, France and Spain added to China and Italy in the list of countries with which flights are banned.
    • 1st March
      Saudi Arabia: First case detected.
      Lebanon: Nurseries, schools and universities on lockdown for a week.
    • 2 March
      Iraq: China offers diagnosis kits for coronavirus infections.
    • 4 March
      Palestine: First case detected.
      Iraq: First death reported in a Middle East country (outside Iran).
    • 7 March
      Qatar: Qatar Airways eases flight-booking requirements.
    • 8 March
      Saudi Arabia: Riyadh orders confinement of a Shia majority province.
    • 9 March
      Turkey: First case detected.
      Saudi Arabia: Flights with United Arab Emirates suspended.
      Qatar: Schools and universities closed until further notice.
    • 10 March
      Iran: 70 000 detainees released for fear of further infections in prisons
      Lebanon: First death reported.
    • 11 March
      Qatar: 238 new cases detected in a single day.COVID-19
    • 12 March
      Saudi Arabia: Suspension of flights with countries of major COVID-19 spread.
      Lebanon: «State of medical emergency declared».
    • 13 March
      Postponement of two international summits : Saudi Arabia-Africa summit and Africa-Arab League summit.
    • 14 March
      Saudi Arabia: Suspension of all international flights.
      Qatar: Suspension of football championship.
    • 15 March
      Lebanon: Total confinement for at least one week.
    • 16 March
      Qatar: Borders closed.
    • 17 March
      Iraq: First day in curfew.
    • 18 March
      Iran: Authorities ask the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for access to credit facility in order to cope with the pandemic.
      Jordan: Confinement started.
    • 19 March
      Iraq: Suspension of international training mission of its army for 60 days
      Saudi Arabia: Prayers suspended in the Mecca and Medina mosques.
    • 21 March
      Jordan: 24-hour curfew started.
      Saudi Arabia: All public transport suspended for 14 days.
    • 22 March
      Iraq: Big turnout for the Bagdad Shia pilgrimage despite coronavirus.
    • 23 March
      Jordan: Full-fledged curfew extended for 5 days while municipal departments dispatched to supply citizens.
      Syria: Turkish Red Crescent President voices concern over spread of virus in refugee camps controlled by Turkey in northern Syria where one million people are harbored.
    • 24 March
      Lebanon: Shortage in medical supplies..coronavirus
    • 26 March
      United Arab Emirates: Night curfew imposed in order to sterilize public spaces and mask wearing is compulsory.
      Bahrain: Non-essential sectors closed for fifteen days.
      Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia calls on G20 for “effective and elaborate response” during virtual summit chaired by its King.
    • 28 March
      Syria: UNO Envoy for Syria calls for a ceasefire in order to start response to the threat of coronavirus.
      Qatar: First death detected.
    • 29 March
      Turkey: Authorities are increasing restrictions but stop short of imposing all-out confinement.
    • 30 March
      Iraq: Some tribes refuse to grant land for burial of coronavirus dead.
    • 31 March
      Iran: Europe provides medical gear to the country.
      Jordan: All-out confinement paying off.
      Lebanon: The country authorizes return of expatriates.
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