Covéa: new appointments

CovéaIn response to the criticism made by the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Au-thority (ACPR), the Covéa Group is appointing new executives within its management team.

This process sets up an efficient management and establishes a clear succession at the head of the Group in case Thierry Derez, its CEO, is unable to attend.

The new management team includes:

  • Paul Esmein: Deputy Chief Executive Officer. P. Esmein also holds the position of Secre-tary General.
  • Laurent Tollie: General Manager, Customer Relations
  • Valérie Cohen: General Manager, Offers and Services
  • Thierry Francq: General Manager, Transformation
  • Olivier Le Borgne: General Manager, Investment
  • Lionel Calvez: General Manager, Risks.
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