Electric vehicles: 50% growth expected in 2022

electric carAllianz expects the number of electric vehicles (EVs) to double by 2022. By then, EVs will represent 12% of the global market, an increase of four points compared to 2021.

In 2021, global investment in electric transportation will represent 36% of the total investment in the energy transition. In some countries, such as Germany and the United Kingdom, this rate exceeds 50%.

The number of electric vehicles sold worldwide will reach 6.75 million units by 2021. China will account for almost 50% of sales with 3.33 million units sold. During the same period, Europe sold 2.33 million EVs, while the United States sold only 607.567 EVs.

By 2030, light electric vehicles are expected to account for 50% of automotive market sales. However, the automotive industry could face a shortage of lithium, an essential material for battery manufacturing.

Ranking of countries according to the number of electric vehicles sold in 2021

RankCountryElectric vehicles soldMarket shares
1China3 334 00049%
2Germany681 41010%
3U.S607 5679%
4France315 9785%
5UK305 2815%
6Norway167 9492%
7Sweden138 0332%
8Netherlands95 4641%
9Canada (2020)47 0001%
10Japan43 9001%
World total6 754 000100%
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