Focus on the 2006 Football World Cup

The golden cup

Highly coveted by all countries in the world, the football world cup is an 18-carat and 36 cm- high golden statuette. The loss of this precious trophy would cost the German insurer Hamburg Mannheimer Versicherung- AG a mere 440 000 USD.
Named Jules Rimet Cup, the original gold-plated silver trophy, which crossed the Second World War hid in a shoe box, was first stolen in London in 1966 then later found buried in a garden. Being triple world champion, Brazil won the privilege of preserving it in 1970. but the Jules Rimet cup vanished during an exhibition in Rio de Janeiro in 1983. It has never been found again since.

Exclusive rights

Being owned by Munich Re, the insurer Hamburg-Mannheimer Versicherung-AG has disbursed 13.5 million EUR to obtain the exclusive rights of the insurance cover for the 2006 Football World Cup in Germany.

Cancellation risks

In order to cover cancellation risk, FIFA issued in 2003 guarantee bonds worth 260 million USD.

Postponement risk

The German World Cup organising committee has, on its part, paid Hamburg-Mannheimer Versicherung-AG a 5 million EUR (6.3 million USD) premium to cover the risk of postponement of the event or its venue in a country other than Germany. This cover amounts 158 million EUR (200 million USD).


Each entrance ticket to the World Cup matches includes a death cover per accident amounting to 12 400 USD and a disability cover following an injury worth 80 875 USD. In order to be covered, the events must take place in the stadium enclosures where the matches are held.

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