France is Europe’s second largest insurance market

According to Insurance Europe, with 35% of market share, the European insurance industry is the largest in the world in 2013 where the total amount of insurance premiums reached 1119 billion EUR (1540 billion USD).

North America and Asia are ranked second and third with 30% and 28% of global written premiums. France is Europe's second largest market behind the United Kingdom. In 2013, insurance premiums in France amounted to 188.2 billion EUR (259 billion USD), 60% of which in life insurance, 30% in non life and 10% in health. Life and health insurance experienced a respective increase of 4.7% and 4.9% in a year while non life insurance stagnated.

Here are the contributions of main European markets in billion EUR in 2013: United Kingdom 236.6 (325.7 billion USD), France 188.2 (259 billion USD), Germany 187.1 (257 billion USD), Italy 78.1 (107 billion USD), Netherlands 78.1 (107 billion USD), Spain 55.2 (76 billion USD).

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