Insurers are taking a stand against driveless cars

Unlike most of the trades, insurers do not feel reassured by the forthcoming arrival of autonomous vehicles in the automotive industry.
© Steve Jurvetson, CC BY 2.0

These vehicles, which are able to move without driver, aim to eliminate human error from the driving position, reducing the probability of an accident to the lowest.

Three US insurers (Cincinnati Financial Corp., Mercury General Corp. and Travelers Cos.) Could have referred, in their annual report, to the risk induced by these technologies on their business.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety aims to be however reassuring. The US agency estimates, in this regard, by the voice of his spokesman Russ Rader, that "it will take a while for new safety features to penetrate the fleet which is on the road because people preserve their cars as long as possible.
", adding that" Even when a functionality is required by the federal regulation, it takes about 30 years to reach 95% of the current motor fleet."

These early positions taken came as several car manufacturers and technology companies including Google and Apple would covet this new Eldorado.

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