Perspectives and executive staff of Sahara Insurance

The newly-created company Sahara Insurance, whose underwriting is due to start in January 2005, is hoping to achieve 4.9 million LYD (3.7 million USD) of turnover in 2005, 8.625 million LYD (6.6 million USD) in 2006 and 11.7 million LYD (8.9 million USD) in 2007.
It is the marine business that the company intends to target in order to develop the most important volume of premiums.
The executive board of the company is made up of Mr. Ibrahim Felfel, seconded by:

  • Mohamed R. M. Mejrab (Reinsurance) · Abdussalam S. Aburuween (Marine)
  • Abdurazak I. Mejrab (Property) · Abdulatif O.M. Eshabta (Finance and management)
  • Alamouri Abdelkhdir (Information technology).
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