Results of the market in 2013, premiums up by 14%

According to figures published by the professional association of insurance companies of Burkina (APSAB), the market has achieved a global turnover up by 14.23%, to 48.9 million FCFA (102.6 million USD) in 2013. Life and non-life activities account respectively for 31.5% and 68.5% of this total.

The non-life branch has recorded a premium volume of 33.5 billion FCFA, an increase of 16.5% compared to 2012. "SONAR IARD" is ranked 1st with 9.6 billion FCFA (20.14 million USD, before Allianz IARD and UAB IARD, which end up 2013 respectively with 4.7 billion FCFA (9.9 million USD) and 4.05 billion (8.05 USD).

The amount of collected premiums of the 5 companies operating in the life branch has reached 15.4 billion FCFA (32.3 million USD), an increase of 9.61% compared to 2012. UAB Vie has recorded 12.3 million USD, right before SONAR Vie (10.3 million USD) and Allianz Vie (6.2 million USD).

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