Results of the market, increase by 21% of the premium income in 2013

According to the latest figures reported by the Insurance regulatory authority (IRA), the gross premium income of the market have amounted to 1.54 billion USD in 2013, up by 21% compared to 2012.

In 2013, life and non-life premiums have increased respectively by 19.4% and 16.3% to 506.1 and 965.9 million USD.

The profit after tax has increased from 151.75 million USD in 2012, to 230.6 million USD in 2013 (54.4%).

Note that receipts in healh insurance are, for the first time, higher than motor's. They have totalized 233.7 million USD (+27%), against 186.8 million USD in 2012.

NB: Growth rates are calculated in local currency
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