Sanlam is launching a new application for smartphones

Sanlam has presented a new application designed for smartphones. Baptized Go Cover, the solution provides customers with a travel insurance for a 24-hour period. In return for a premium worth 10 ZAR (0.7 USD), the policyholder is entitled to 100 000 ZAR (7327 USD) in compensation in the event of a claim. The amount of the compensation is due to rise to 500 000 ZAR (36 635 USD) for a premium of 20 ZAR (1.4 USD) and to 1 million ZAR (73 270 USD) for a premium of 30 ZAR (2.2 USD).

This policy is made available for residents traveling abroad as well as for tourists touring the country. Underwriting is simple, requiring the program downloading.

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