Special Women, Eugénie Victoire Ndende, board member and general manager of ASSINCO

Eugénie Victoire Ndende or the story of a lifetime dedicated to the insurance business. This may be a fair summary of the course pursued by Gabon’s first female insurer. When ASSINCO was set up in 1997, E. Ndende had already been ready to run it.

Her appointment in December of the same year as general manager of the company is the culmination of an academic and professional training that destined her to be no less than a leader.

She had it all: Bachelor degree in private law, studies at a business school in Paris, a diploma from the institute of corporate management of Caen (France), an 18-month training in UAP, France (now AXA), 12 years of high-level career in the brokerage business in Gabon with Ascoma and Gras Savoye.

Her natural authority and Curriculum Vitae make her an insurance key figure in West and Central Africa. In addition to her duties as head of ASSINCO, E. Ndende, a personality highly solicited for her valuable skills, has served on numerous boards.

In Gabon, she has been board member of BGFI Stock Exchange, of the national social security fund, of the national health insurance and social guarantee fund (CNAMGS), of the reinsurance company SCG Ré. From 2000 to 2002, she presided over the Gabonese federation of insurance companies (FEGASA). From 2012 to 2014, she was appointed vice-president of the Gabonese employers' confederation (CPG).

Outside Gabon, she has been with Richard Lowe, president and founder of Activa Cameroon and the late André Bayala, chairman of Sonar (Burkina Faso) one of the founding members of the network Globus which includes many companies, mainly related to the FANAF zone. Finally, she is also director of Globus Re, the reinsurance entity of the eponymous network.

The professional and family obligations of this mother of three children do not prevent her from finding time to devote to reading, sports and travelling without forgetting charities.

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