Special Women, Kerstin Chalhoub, general manager of Zaris

«We are creating a working environment which allows our employees to pursue a career without sacrificing the beauty of having a fulfilling personal life.»: this is the motto of Kerstin Chalhoub, general manager of Zaris.

From speech to action, the reinsurance brokerage company that she runs, employs 60% of women who detain 50% of management positions.

This mother of four children leads by example. She spends what little free time left by her busy professional schedule to her family and to her home. For recreation, K. Chalhoub is fonf of outdoor explorations, horseback riding, skiing, scuba diving and tennis.

Professionally, K. Chalhoub started out her career in insurance in Germany. She began in June 1997 as a junior underwriter in Munich Re’s department of third party liability, motor and personal accident. Then, she spent the next three years in the alternative reinsurance department (ART) of the first global reinsurer.

She joined Zaris upon the establishment of the company in 2001 in Cyprus. In 2004, she was appointed general manager and joined Beirut in 2005.

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