Special Women, Nelly Mongosso’o, general manager of Allianz Assurances

Fond of mathematics, Nelly Mongosso'o had pursued this path before obtaining her general certificate of education in Yaoundé (Cameroon). It was in Orléans (France) that she obtained her university degree in mathematics, and then her Bachelor’s degree in mathematics engineering. She then joined the institute of statistics from the Université de Paris 6-ISUP where she obtained a statistician degree with actuarial rating. Her professional career was then ready to start out.

On her return to Cameroon, she was hired in August 1992 by the Compagnie Nationale d’Assurance (CAN), currently called Saham Assurance Cameroon. She was first nominated as technical and actuarial studies officer.

In April 2001, she joined SNAC Vie which became later Allianz Cameroun Assurance Vie where she was successively nominated executive Assistant, technical manager and deputy general manager.

N. Mongosso'o’s rich itinerary has logically been rewarded with two medals of work awarded by the Cameroonian ministry of labor in 2014 and by obtaining the "Award of Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government, Financial Sector».

Finally, icing on the cake, this mother of two children was promoted in September 2014 general manager of Allianz Togo, a clear testimony of loyalty and competence.

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