Takaful International: 2020’s results

GIGTakaful International, a subsidiary of GIG-Bahrain, recorded a 5.2% turnover increase in 2020. The latter rose from 21.72 million BHD (57.26 million USD) as at 31 December 2019 to 22.86 million BHD (60.3 million USD) one year later.

The net profit grew by 50% at 1.544 million BHD (4.07 million USD) compared to 1.031 million BHD (2.71 million USD) in 2019. The Bahraini insurer attributes its good performance to the 6% improvement of the net profit of the shareholders' fund established at 1.144 million BHD (3.01 million USD).

The rising net profit is also marked by the improved performance of the general takaful fund which reported a surplus of 432 000 BHD (1.13 million USD).

As of 31 December 2020, the company's shareholders' equity and total assets increased by 11% and 8% respectively to reach set at 11.16 million BHD (29.43 million USD) and 41.24 million BHD (108.78 million USD).

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