The Algerian insurance market remains dominated by state companies

The Algerian insurance industry has published its 2014 results. The market's turnover achieved 125.5 billion DZD (1.436 billion USD). As in previous years, public companies are exerting their full influence on underwritings. They totalled, alone, a premium volume of 78 billion DZD (892 million USD), that is 62% of all insurers'written premiums.

During the fiscal year 2014, the Société Algérienne des Assurances (SAA) was the market's first company with a turnover of 26.58 billion DZD (304 million USD). The Compagnie Algérienne des Assurances (CAAT) ranked second with 20.19 billion DZD (230.87 million USD) in issued premiums. Finally, the Compagnie Algérienne d'Assurance et de Réassurance (CAAR) closed the podium with underwritings amouting to 16.09 billion DZD (184 million USD).

With a market share of 7% in 2014, the Compagnie Internationale d’Assurance et de Réassurance (CIAR) is the first private company in the market. It showed, during the reporting year, a turnover of 8.86 billion DZD (101.31 million USD), up by 17% compared to 2013.

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