The occurrence of disasters in the Middle East

Breakdown of technical and accidental catastrophes

The 20 most fatal technical and accidental catastrophes
(1975 - 2002)

1Saudi ArabiaMeccaJostling of pilgrims in a tunnel03/07/19901 426NA 
2IraqAl-HillahExplosion into a military area17/08/1989700 NA
3Saudi ArabiaMeccaFire22/04/19973431 500
4Saudi ArabiaRiyadhCrash of a Saudi Airlines plane19/08/1980301 0
5Saudi ArabiaDjeddaCrash of canadian Nationair plane12/07/1991261 0
6Saudi ArabiaMeccaJostling of pilgrims23/05/1994182 NA
7YemenNAShipwreck31/03/1998180 NA
8BahrainManamaCrash of Gulf Air A320-200 plane23/08/2000143 NA
9Saudi ArabiaNAFire01/12/1975138 NA
10YemenRed SeaCargo sank18/08/1995131 0
11Saudi ArabiaMina, MeccaJostling of pilgrims09/04/19981182 250
12U.A.E.Near Abu DhabiCrash of Gulf Air 737-200 plane23/09/1983112 0
13Saudi ArabiaRa's Al-Mish'AbCrash of a military plane21/03/199198NA 
15U.A.E.SharjahCrash of a Tajik airlines plane15/12/1997851
16IraqChamchamalCollision between trucks01/11/199573NA 
17Saudi ArabiaAr'arPlane crash after hijackers attack25/12/198667
18IraqBaghdadFire in cinema14/08/198059NA 
19YemenNAPlane crash in the sahara14/07/199257
20JordanAqaba (South)Skid of a bus14/12/200152NA
NA: non available

Breakdown of natural disasters (including epidemics)

The 20 most fatal natural disasters (including epidemics)
(1975 - 2002)

1YemenDhamarEarthquake13/12/19821 5071 500 NA
2YemenNationwideFlood29/03/1982482 NA50 000
3YemenwidespreadFlood13/06/19963380114 210
4Bahrain widespreadCholera01/08/1978111 0 0
5OmanSouthern coastStorm01/05/197710548 NA
6SyriawidespreadCholera01/07/197788 0
7Saudi ArabiaJizan, AsirArbovirus11/09/20008500
8YemenWadi Mawr, Al-ZouhraArbovirus10/09/20008000
10YemenSouth of Sana'aFlood01/08/199867 NA NA
11Saudi Arabia NAMeningitis01/03/20005700
12YemenSana'aFlood24/08/197552 NA NA
13Yemen NAFlood06/04/198938 NA150 000
14Saudi Arabia NAMeningitis09/02/20013500
15Saudi ArabiaNorth westFlood24/12/198532 NA5 000
16YemenLahej, Abyan, AdenFlood05/02/199331 NA12 500
17YemenOmrane, Hadramout, Saada, HudaydaFlood29/07/200131 NA NA
18YemenTaëz, Houdaida, HadramoutFlood30/08/200228 NANA
19SyriaDeir Ezzor, DaraaSandstorm21/02/2001271720
20Oman NAStorm08/05/198126NA NA 
NA: non available

Events listed per year between 1975 and 2002

Source: EM-DAT: The OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database - Université Catholique de Louvain - Brussels - Belgium According to CRED, an event is reported when it fulfils one of the following conditions
· 10 deceased or more
· At least 100 persons affected
· call to international assistance
· declaration of a state of emergency
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