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The "Special issue" is dedicated to important topics closely linked to news. It deals with various items which require accurate information and elaborate analysis. We publish hereafter the 10 special issues that Atlas editorial team has selected for you. The articles are shown in decreasing preferential order.


The London market and the Lloyd’s

N° 62, June 2009
Lloyd’s building© Mcginnly, CC BY-SA 3.0

The London market is the world’s insurance and reinsurance leader. It is a transaction market for big risks and non-life insurance covers. All large insurance and reinsurance companies have recourse to it. It is estimated that approximately 15% of the reinsurance world’s large industrial risks go through the London market.


CIMA Code: outstanding premiums, new regulation

N° 82, June 2011

Despite improving indicators, African insurers are still faced with a lingering scourge: outstanding payments. The latter have reached such enormous levels that insurers, regulators and governments can no longer ignore the problem. Unpaid premiums, not negligible at all, often account for more than half of the yearly turnover.


Cascading disasters in the country of the rising sun

N° 71, May 2010
© Maximilian Dörrbecker, CC BY-SA 3.0

Since March 11, 2011, Japan is facing one of the most serious crises in its history. The Northeast coast of the country was hit by a violent earthquake, the most powerful ever recorded in the archipelago. The quake triggered a series of disasters: a devastating tsunami that has literally wiped out entire villages followed by several explosions in a nuclear power plant, prompting fears of a repeat of the Chernobyl scenario.


Motor insurance, how much does it cost?

N° 71, May 2010

Atlas Magazine proceeds to the updating of a survey conducted in 2004 and dealing with motor tariffs (Atlas Magazine N° 10, April 2004). The 2010 survey is studying the evolution of the motor third party liability premium of a 7 horse power petrol car, first circulation in 2008, for private use. Survey period: 2004-2010.


AIG: The giant’s downfall

N° 56, December 2008

In view of its scale and roughness, the event has gathered all the ingredients of a disaster scenario which may stand as a case study in the insurance business records.


Road safety, the status

N° 99, Mars 2013
Crédit photo: Ammar ShakerMedina Road, Djeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Globally, road accidents claim the lives of 1.3 million people and cause the injuries of nearly another 50 million every year, standing as one of the leading causes of death, especially among young people aged between 15 and 29 years.


Katrina, the «big one»

N° 24, October 2005
Crédit photo: US Gov. / NOAA, Mark Moran, Phil Eastman & Dave Demers’s

Hurricane Katrina, which lashed the south of the United States on August 29, 2005, is regarded as the most devastating of all natural disasters ever suffered by the country in the course of its history.
According to the late estimates, the extent of the damage is two to three times as great as that of the major events such as the cyclone Andrews in 1992 (20 billion USD) and the 9/11/01 World Trade Center attacks (32.4 billion USD).


Safety and maritime transport

N° 98, February 2013

The level of safety of maritime transport has steadily improved since the beginning of the 20th century. Loss experience has dropped sharply while world fleet continued its substantial growth following the expansion of trade and globalization.


The wreck of cruise liner “Costa Concordia”

N° 62, June 2009
The wreck of «Costa Concordia»© Rvongher, CC BY-SA 3.0

A hundred years after the loss of the Titanic (April 1912), the wreck of Costa Concordia less than 100 meters off the coasts of the island of Giglio, Italy, stands as one of the most important losses ever reported by marine insurers.


Gulf states and the financial crisis

N° 62, June 2009
Burj Al Arab,Dubai © Jósa Piroska, CC BY-SA 3.0

The financial crisis which started in November 2008 in the United States has not spared the Gulf region. Its shockwaves have severely affected some emirates like Dubai where the abrupt stoppage of mega projects has raised concerns among local decision makers and triggered panic among foreign investors.

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