El-Djazair Takaful: 2023 turnover

Mahfoud Ziane BouzianeMahfoud Ziane Bouziane, CEO of El-Djazair Takaful, stated that the company's turnover amounted to 76 million DZD (563 740 USD) in 2023.

For the record, the takaful business was introduced in Algeria in February 2023.

This performance was achieved through ten agencies inaugurated in 2023 and located in different regions of the country. The insurer intends to double the number of agencies by 2024.

According to the CEO, the company has signed seven bancassurance partnerships with public and private banks specializing in Islamic finance.

Founded in 2022, El-Djazair Takaful is one of two companies specializing in takaful insurance, alongside El-Djazaïr El-Moutahida Family Takaful.

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