List of maritime disasters: main marine accidents and shipwrecks (2019-2023)

DateLoss locationVessel type and nameShip flagNature of claimConsequences
February 2023Black seaCargo «Seamark»ComorosBad weatherDeath of a crew member.
The freighter broke in two and sank
January 2023East China Sea6.651-ton cargo ship, «Jin Tian»Hong KongBad weatherShipwreck and disappearance of eight crew members
March 2022Persian GulfRo-ro vessel
«Al Salmy 6»
United Arab EmiratesBad weather causing engine problemsCar cargo shipwreck
February 2022Portuguese archipelago of the AzoresCargo ship «Felicity Ace»PanamaFire Loss of vessel and 4 000 luxury cars
August 2021Aegean Sea, GreeceGrain bulk cargo ship «Sea Bird»TogoThe ship struck a rocky isletShipwreck and loss of cargo
June 2021West coast of Sri LankaContainer ship
«MV X-Press Pearl»
SingaporeFire Cargo shipwreck and loss of 1 486 containers, including 25 tonnes of nitric acid
March 2021Suez Canal20 000 TEU container ship «Ever Given»PanamaSandstorm Grounding and obstruction of the canal blocking the passage of 422 vessels
January 2021Turkish coast, Black SeaBulk carrier
RussiaBad weatherLoss of ship
Death of two crew members
September 2020185 km from Amami Oshima, JapanCargo «Gulf Livestock 1»PanamaBad weatherShipwreck and loss of 5 800 cows.
Dismemberment of 40 sailors
September 2020Far East8 100 TEU container ship
Hong KongBad weatherCollapse of container stacks
June 2020Mumbai Port, India14 036 TEU container ship
«MSC Rosa M»
PanamaAccident involving a quayside craneSerious damage to the vessel
May 2020Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium 21 413 TEU container ship
«OOCL Royaume-Uni»
Hong KongBad weatherCollapse and loss at sea of several stacks of containers
April 2020Houston, United States8 465 TEU container ship
France-Grounding near the port of Houston, USA
March 2019Coast of Finistère, Brittany, FranceRo-Ro container ship
«Grande America»
ItalyFire Shipwreck
December 2019Port of Sariyer, Turkey191m cargo,
«Songa Iridium»
LiberiaEngine failureThe ship crashes into the port of Sarıyer, in the Bosphorus strait
January 2019Black Sea off TurkeyCargo ship
«Volgo Balt 214»
PanamaBad weatherSinking of the ship, which broke in two. Death of 6 sailors
maritime disasters
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