Amana Assurances has opened new branches

Thanks to its shareholders’ networks, Amana Assurances, a subsidiary of Macif (41%) and of SAA (34%), is endowed with 1 500 outlets scattered nationwide. Founded in 2011, the company controls 16% of the life market.
In 2012, turnover amounted to 1.069 billion DZD (13 million USD) for a net profit of 234 million DZD (3 million USD). The company expects to end the year 2013 with a premium income of around 10 to 11 million EUR (13 to 15 million USD). Forecasted premiums for 2014 amount to15 million EUR (20 million USD).
Amana, which owns few branches of its own, plans to open four new offices in 2014. The company is targeting SMEs / SMIs and individuals.

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