Becoming a risk manager: education and salary

managerThe Association of Corporate Risk and Insurance Management (Amrae) has published the 2022 edition of its biannual barometer. The document displays various indicators on the evolution of the risk manager profession in France, as well as the profiles and levels of education required to operate as such.

Another part of the report is dedicated to the salaries that a risk manager can expect according to their performance and experience.

Risk manager: education and profiles

There are several career paths that give access to the risk manager profession. New risk managers have an average of 10 years experience in this field and have studied:

  • Business / Economics / Management: (38%)
  • Engineering / Medicine / Science: (29%)
  • Law: (13%)
  • Risk Management: (4%)
  • Other: (16%)

Risk manager: salary

A risk manager receives a fixed salary and additional remuneration. The latter varies according to performance and results on objectives.

The median fixed salary is 78.000 EUR (88.300 USD) per year. The gross annual fixed salary ranges from 50 000 EUR (56 600 USD) to 99 000 EUR (112 100 USD). This range includes 60% of women and 45% of men's salaries in 2022.

It should be noted that the barometer shows a difference in remuneration of around 15 to 20% according to gender. The minimum salary for a woman is 25 000 EUR (28 300 USD). This goes up to 39 000 EUR (44 200 USD) for a man in the same position.

Another finding is that the highest annual salary for a risk manager is 250.000 EUR (283.100 USD). This is 50.000 EUR (56.600 USD) more than the highest paid female risk manager.

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