CIMA’s activities

Election: During its last meeting, CIMA's expert committee failed to elect the organization's new secretary general. The candidates in contention, Marguerite Kofo (Central African Republic), Mamadou Faye (Senegal) and Roger Biouele Nanga (Cameroon), have obtained only one vote out of the thirteen cast. A new election is expected by September 2005 and a new candidacy call-over is launched.

Tax deductibility for insurance companies' technical provisions : Disagreement between tax administrations and CIMA zone insurance companies over tax deductibility of the technical provisions. Unable to reach a reasonable compromise, the experts suggested to the CIMA zone Ministers' Cabinet the freezing of collection actions resulting from the tax adjustments of these provisions pending a breakthrough to the current consultations.
A solution must be found before December 31, 2005.

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