Collective complaint against a fraudster

Wafa Assurance, RMA, Saham Assurance, Sanad, Axa Assurance Maroc, Allianz Maroc, Atlanta and MATU will file a collective complaint against a client. The latter declared 50 claims in 18 months. The fraudster underwrote several motor third party liability policies contrary to the law which prohibits a vehicle from being covered by more than one policy. He then declared the same claims to the aforementioned insurance companies.

This scam was unveiled thanks to a campaign against fraud and irregularities, conducted by local insurers in collaboration with the Moroccan federation of insurance and reinsurance companies (FMSAR).

Insurance fraud is becoming a scourge in Morocco. Between 2006 and 2016, the loss experience of motor insurance, the most affected class of business by cheating, increased by 17%.

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