Coronavirus: Spread of the pandemic in Africa

The pandemic triggered by coronavirus continues to spread, with growing numbers of people contaminated worldwide. No continent is spared.

Africa, currently less affected by the virus, is starting to show signs of concerns. WHO is even dreading the likelihood of the continent becoming a COVID-19 reservoir.

    • 22 January
      Nigeria: Nigeria, Africa’s most populated country with nearly 200 million inhabitants, announced the adoption of stringent measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.
    • 29 January
      Mozambique: The government ceased delivery of entry visa to travelers coming from China.
    • 31 January
      Senegal: Medical arrangements are made at Blaise Diagne Dakar airport designed to screen passengers.luggage
    • 1st February
      Africa: Africa is spared by Coronavirus. Throughout the continent, States are consolidating their screening measures but experts are afraid the poorest countries are not endowed with enough resources to cope with the spread of the epidemic.
    • 4 February
      Senegal: Short of logistical resources, the State dismisses the repatriation of a dozen Senegalese students stranded in Wuhan “beyond reach”.
    • 5 February
      Senegal: Dakar’s Pasteur Institute, designated by the African Union as one of the two reference centers in Africa in the detection of the new coronavirus, is hosting experts from 15 African countries in order to prepare to counter the disease.
    • 6 February
      Equatorial Guinea: Donation of 1.8 million EUR to
    • 13 February
      Egypt: First case detected in the country. This is the first case detected on the African continent.
    • 19 February
      Kenya: The country denies entry to a passenger suspected of carrying the virus.
    • 23 February
      «Africa unprepared», according to WHO.
    • 24 February
      Algeria: First case detected.
    • 27 February
      Cameroon: The country disburses donations for nationals based in China.
      Nigeria: First case detected, the first case reported in Sub-Saharan Africa.
    • 28 February
      South Africa: Repatriation of 130 South African citizens from Chinese city of Wuhan.
      Nigeria: Authorities ordered shutdown of a cemetery, compelling 28 staff members into quarantine following the visit of an Italian consultant.
    • 29 February
      Kenya: Ban on flights with China.
    • 1st March
      Senegal : First case detected.
    • 6 March
      Morocco: All sports events are now taking place without spectators.
    • 7 March
      Gabon: Restriction of movement for people on the northern borders of the country.
    • 8 March
      Egypt: First death reported.
    • 9 March
      Rwanda: Ban on assembly until further notice.
    • 10 March
      Côte d'Ivoire: First case detected.
    • 12 March
      Mauritania: First case detected.
    • 13 March
      World: WHO likens Coronavirus epidemic to a « pandemic ».
      Rwanda: First case detected.
    • 15 March
      Libya: The National Accord Government has declared the state of emergency and decided to close borders.
      1st case in Rwanda.
    • 17 March
      Cameroon: Authorities decided to close borders, schools and universities, suspending entry visa to Cameroon. The 2020 African Nations Championship has been postponed to a later date.
      Egypt: Articles on coronavirus are triggering controversial debate in society.
    • 18 March
      Libya: The country calls for a « humanitarian truce » to combat Coronavirus.
      Tunisia: The country, having closed maritime, land and air borders, has imposed a curfew from 6 pm to 6 am.
      Zimbabwe: The State declared the coronavirus pandemic a national disaster.
    • 19 March
      Burkina Faso: First death in Sub-Saharan Africa.
      Angola: First case detected.
    • 20 March
      Eritrea and Uganda: First case detected.
      Kenya: Massive disinfection of public places.
      DR Congo: Several celebrities are partaking in awareness-raising campaigns against coronavirus.
      Tunisia: General confinement imposed from 22 March to 4 April.
    • 23 March
      Nigeria: First death reported. coronavirus
    • 24 March
      Côte d'Ivoire: State of emergency, curfew and gradual confinement announced.
      Morocco: Hydroxy-chloroquine authorized in the management of patients.
    • 25 March
      Ethiopia: 4000 detainees released for fear of possible spread of coronavirus.
      Liberia: Liberian President George Weah sings a song written by him to sensitize people about the need to combat coronavirus.
    • 27 March
      DR Congo: Kinshasa is in confinement for a period of four days.
      Burkina-Faso: Establishment of a web plateform ( for public guidance.
      Senegal: Chloroquine tested on patients.
      South Africa: All-out confinement called.
    • 29 March
      Botswana: First three contaminations reported.
      Mali: Legislative elections flying in the face of coronavirus.
      Côte d’Ivoire: First death reported.
    • 30 March
      Sierra Leone: First case detected.
      South Africa: Total confinement for three weeks.
      Zimbabwe: Total confinement declared.
    • 31 March
      Uganda: Authorities order immediate halt of vehicle traffic.
      Africa: Confinement is now major concern for the informal sector.
      Ethiopia: August general elections postponed.
      Egypt: Prison visitations banned.
      Algeria: Oran Mediterranean Games postponed to 2022.
      Tunisia: General confinement extended by 15 days.
      Guinea: Curfew announced while taxi drivers are on strike.
      Burundi, Comoros, Lesotho, Malawi, Sao Tomé-et-Principe and Southc Sudan: Six countries till safe from COVID-19.
    • 2 April
      Botswana: Total confinement declared.analyses
    • 15 April
      Sub-Saharan Africa: The IMF predicts a contraction of 1.6% in GDP in 2020. The fund will allocate 11 billion USD to 32 countries in the region.
    • 19 April
      Ghana: To lift the three-week lockdown
      Madagascar: To gradually lift lockdown in three of the country's major cities.
      Tunisia: A two-week lockdown extension. The gradual lift of the lockdown shall start on 3 May 2020.
      Senegal: Wearing masks is mandatory in administrations, businesses, shops and transport.
      Zimbabwe: A two-week lockdown extension
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