Development Funding Institute for the Arab Maghreb – IFID

Set up by the Tunisian and Algerian States on September 3, 1981, the Development Funding Institute for the Arab Maghreb is a higher education establishment tasked to provide vocational training cycles specialized in banking and insurance for the benefit of private companies and State entities.

So far, the 37 annual classes have made it possible to train 2020 Maghreb executive staff members, named IFIDards (IFID Graduates).

IFID’s main tasks

IFIDThe Institute’s objectives are to:

  • Set up training programs to develop students’ skills,
  • Design and carry out tailored short and long-term trainings,
  • Adapt training to the new banking and insurance professions,
  • Develop active training methods using adapted teaching aids,
  • Weave partnerships ties with regional and international institutions and organizations.

IFID : The training

IFID provides two main training cycles: long-term training and continuous training.

Long-term training stretches over two years and is crowned with a post-graduate diploma in financial fields.

During their apprenticeship, students are required to undergo four corporate internships for a total period of six months.

Studies are sponsored by companies (banks, insurance companies) or other entities that finance training for their future executive staff.

In the absence of sponsorship, candidates may themselves pay for their study expenses.

Tailored ongoing training: On the request of companies, IFID provides long and medium-term training programs aimed at upgrading the level of Tunisian and Algerian staff.

IFID’s competitive entrance exams

Every year IFID holds recruitment contests designed for candidates keen on working in financial establishments, banks and insurance companies.

The competitive entrance exam is open for Maghreb candidates, holders of bachelor degree, college degree, engineering diploma, first-year post-graduate students in economic sciences, management and mathematics.

Executive staff, currently on duty in companies, establishments and administrations of economic and financial sectors are also eligible for IFID.

For 2020, candidacy applications deposit for the insurance cycle extends from February 5 to April 21. The 38th class will be made up of 40 students coming from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania and Libya. Admission exams will be held in each of the aforementioned countries.

IFID and employment of executive staff

The big majority of the executive staff operating in Algerian and Tunisian insurance industry have graduated from IFID. The Institute has become a reference in employment. IFIDARDS are found at every level of the hierarchy, from new executives to company managers.

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