Disaster- affected farmers compensated by Mamda

Framers having underwritten an insurance policy against drought are now being compensated. Payments pertain to damage sustained in the course of recent episodes of droughts accounting for the 2015/2016 season.

The peasants concerned by the first instalment payment are those who have lost the entirety of their crops. Compensation rate is close to the value of the lost crops. Compensations are disbursed in case losses affect 51% of the crop yield. The insurance premium amounts to 18 MAD (1.8 USD) per hectare. The most affected areas will recover 900 MAD (92 USD) per hectare.

Experts are now dealing with the assessment of the less affected areas. Peasants having underwritten comprehensive policies will be entitled to an overall compensation of 1.1 billion MAD (112.5 million USD).

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