Atlas Magazine July 2016

Insurers facing the digital turning point

The famous “digital turning point” subject of all fantasy. The dissemination of the internet is at the core of a profound mutation for the insurer' business. The first victim to fall prey to this technological     breakthrough is the traditional distribution network of insurance which will gradually be replaced by a direct insurer-insured relationship by means of the  cellular phone, tablet or bracelet watch,…

The second significant breakthrough consists in the development of data bases which now authorize the collection of millions of information in record time, with risks getting better contained and integrated within increasingly wide populations.

The third stage is about connected items. All, or rather almost all risks will gradually be connected to some digital platforms, while ratings will be conducted in real time.

By means of sensors, houses, cars, companies,  administrations and even private individuals outfitted with electronic bracelets will be remotely managed by insurers in real time, around the clock.

Finally, in the future, insurance companies themselves will turn virtual, with virtual insurers  assembling activities which they will have previously    outsourced.

This science fiction pattern will take a few years before emerging. Meanwhile, the insurers will have time to take stock of the situation, weighing up breakage risks and investing massively in innovation. The stakes are high for them because nothing seems to stand in the way of this revolution which will profoundly turn the business upside down.

Atlas Magazine N°133, July 2016

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