Double penalty for drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs

The Dubai Court of Appeal has recently confirmed the reimbursement to an insurer of sums paid to beneficiaries of head of a family killed by the driver of a crane at his workplace.
The amount of 300 000 AED (81 690 USD) shall be repaid to the insurer by the crane driver who was drunk. The insurer, who rejected the first sentence because the driver was under the influence of alcohol, went to the court of appeal which ruled in his favor and against the crane operator. The court of appeal argued that the employer is liable for damages caused by an employee to whom he entrusted the post of crane operator.
The insurer who has compensated the victim has the right to take action against the wrongdoer for repayment of the sums advanced. This decision will impact accidents caused by people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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