Fast and Furious, a worst case scenario for insurers

In the series of films Fast and Furious, cars, buildings, buses, airplanes and tanks, go to the crusher. In the first 7 episodes of the saga, 169 vehicles were damaged and 142 completely destroyed. The most expensive car sacrificed was that of the Lykan Hypersport. Its price exceeded 3.4 million USD.

In addition, 37 vehicles of various natures (plane, tank, helicopter, train, bus, motorcycle, etc.) were broken. The buildings were not spared, either; 432 properties were demolished, 31 buildings were atomized and 53 others damaged. The British insurer, InsuretheGap estimated the total damage cost of this saga, if they occured in real life, at 527 million USD; 

With the release of episode 8 "The Fate of the Furious", the bill is not about to deflate: The damage will affect connected cars, tanks and even a war submarine.

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