HSBC targeted by a series of cyber attacks

On 29 January 2016, the British bank HSBC was the target of a new cyber attack that blocked all transactions and consultations on its website. This is the second attack in a month and the fourth since the one that was perpetrated in August 2015, directed against the banking group. Nevertheless, in November 2015, financial authorities submitted to HSBC a resilient shield to this type of attack. As a reminder, HSBC has recorded no less than 17 million customers in the UK who may pay dearly for the bank's negligence.

This event demonstrates the vulnerability of British companies and insurers to with cyber risks. According to the broker Marsh, currently, only 11% of British firms benefit from such cover while 40% of them have already been targeted by this type of attack. Cybercrime is now considered as one of the most costly emerging risks.

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