Increased convictions against hospital establishments

SHAM, France’s leading medical liability insurer has announced that the number of claims against hospitals and clinics has risen sharply during the past 15 years. Complaints in 2013 are twice as high as in 1998. Nearly 11 500 complaints were reported in 2012, 45% of which pertain to bodily injury. Hospitals are now held accountable for 55% of the cases compared to 48% a year earlier as the overall incurred losses remain weighty. Bodily injury account for 182.6 million EUR (241.3 million USD), in increase compared to 2011. The amount of average losses has gone from 195 130 EUR (252 695 USD) in 2011 to 167 730 EUR (221 705 USD) in 2012 due to the increase of claims of simple cases.

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