Industrial catastrophe in Hungary

A new industrial catastrophe has struck Hungary, with disastrous ecological consequences. On October 4, 2010, a tank from the aluminum MAL Zrt factory, located in Ajka, 160 km from Budapest, gave in triggering a stream of toxic red mudslide. More than one million cubic meters of waste, slightly radioactive, containing heavy metals such as lead, have devastated seven villages nearby, flooding homes and farmlands in an area of 40 square kilometers.
This chemical accident which claimed the lives of nine people and injured 150 others, has destroyed the ecosystems of many rivers. According to the Hungarian environment Secretary of State, the damages would amount to tens of millions of dollars while Greenpeace posts figures of several hundred million dollars.
The company behind the accident, has on its part announced that it would donate 7.6 million USD of indemnities to the victims over a period of five years. The aluminum plant MAL has been put under state control and shall remain so until the repayment of the costs pertaining to the cleaning operations.

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