Insurers fear the Cannes Festival

Insurers are not optimist when it comes to the Cannes Film Festival. Concentration of values during the period of the festival, luxury watchmakers, the jewelry worn by the stars, are attractive targets.

Used with permission from Microsoft The 2013 edition went down in history following the largest jewelry theft ever committed in France. The Sales exhibition organized by The Leviev jewelry, located in the Carlton Hotel has been the target of an unbelievable burglary. Jewelry worth 136 million USD was stolen easily by a man who is still on the loose.

As safety criteria have not been met, the insured was not compensated. Insurers consider Cannes as a risk area where crime is high.

They impose clauses in their contracts requiring the stars to move with bodyguards, refrain from wearing jewelry outside designated times, and carry them in armored vehicles. The Palme d’Or, copies of films, equipment, or the responsibility of the organizers TV studio, etc. Everything is insured.

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