Jean Kacou Diagou

Industry captain, creator of values, indefatigable worker, musician, athlete, hospitable, humane to the core; there is no shortage of adjectives to describe Jean Kacou Diagou.
Birth in Cocody, Abidjan
(Côte d'Ivoire)
Graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Assurances of Paris (France)Head of Claims Department at UAP AbidjanAdministrator, General Manager of Union AfricaineEstablishment of NSIA Côte d'IvoireEstablishment of the holding NSIA Participations

For if an insurance model is to be found, Jean Kacou Diagou will undeniably be its representative. Shaped by a long and flawless course, the career of this Abidjan native had known an upward trajectory which boosted him to the top of one of Africa's biggest insurance groups.

Son of an entrepreneur and a housewife, Jean Kacou Diagou had studied economics in Abidjan. Then he left for France where he registered at the Ecole Nationale des Assurances of Paris to get a specialisation. After graduation, he came back to Abidjan where one of the most beautiful African success stories is to unfold.

It is in Abidjan's UAP (currently AXA) that Jean Kacou Diagou's professional career started out in 1972. The newly graduated insurance student was hired there as Head of Claims Department. In 1992, that is, twenty years after his recruitment, he became Administrator and Vice President of the group Union Africaine, a subsidiary of UAP. Between 1972 and 1992, he had successively occupied the positions of Department Head, Secretary General, Manager, General Manager This formidable ascension within this African subsidiary of the number one French insurer made of Jean Kacou Diagou a prow figure of the Ivorian insurance.
His renown went across borders as he, along with Diouldé Niane (Senegal) and Paul Tsala (Cameroon), quickly became one of the key insurance figures in the FANAF zone.

After years spent at UAP, Jean Kacou Diagou decides to go solo and start his own business. The undertaking is risky but the man was strongly resolved to go for it. With the support of his most loyal companions, he embarks on the big venture.

The strenuous task of finding capitals and human resources began.

In a few years and with the average pace of establishing one company a year, the web is woven. The group NSIA currently includes thirteen insurance companies and one bank, BIAO. The operating modus is the same. He allies with the best local professionals to whom he entrust the company and whom are interested with the capital financing. It is simple and it works.

In a few years and with the average pace of establishing one company a year, the web is woven. The group NSIA currently includes thirteen insurance companies and one bank, BIAO.

As natural charismatic leader and excellent orator, he dedicates his know-how to the community. Solicited by everyone, he takes part in all experiences and provides his contribution to all kinds of associations. He is overwhelmed by insurance which becomes his addiction. He starts amassing responsibilities and tasks as he was twice appointed Chairman of Côte d'Ivoire's Insurers' Association, FANAF's Chairman, Chairman of OAA, member of Oak's executive board, Cica Re's Administrator and Chairman of Ivorian Management.

Being the man in charge of the insurance world, he is among the drafters of the CIMA code which stands as the bible of the insurance of French-speaking black Africa.

Despite his numerous responsibilities, this insurance captain has remained cool-headed and simple. He still plays football with his childhood friends and composes religious music recording many albums.

As is known by creators, success is never granted; it has to be earned. Thanks to his hard work, commitment and modesty, Jean Kacou Diagou has become a true success model.

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