Special Women, Geneviève Gbokede, manager of SAECO Assurances

It takes courage to engage in intermediation when the market is tight and large brokerage corporates are already established there. This courage is evidently inherent in Geneviève Gbokede, affectionately nicknamed the iron lady.

It is first as an official of the ministry of finance that G. Gbokede acquires the skill of insurance. Upon her recruitment in 1983, she joined the insurance control department where she stayed for three years before being assigned to the only insurance company available at that time, the Société Nationale d’Assurance et de Réassurance (SONAR).

After serving in various technical departments she was appointed head of the fire department. She completed her Bachelor degree in Law in 1989 and then sensed the need to scale up her professional skills.

She decided to join in 1990 the international insurance institute of Yaoundé (IIA) where she obtained her post-graduate degree in insurance in 1992.
She began her first experience in the brokerage with Gras Savoye which was established in Benin in 1994. In 1998, she left the French broker to join NSIA which obviously entrusted her with the management of the brokerage department.

In 2006, G. Gbokede felt armed enough to stand on her own feet, hence the establishment of the Société Africaine d’Etude et de Courtage en Assurances (SAECO Assurances Benin).
Since then, in addition to her brokerage activity, she has been regularly consulted to provide advice to companies, conduct feasibility studies, undertake training sessions, and assist in risk management.

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