Special Women, Ramatoulaye Ndiaye, board member and general manager of NSIA Assurances Vie

After a Bachelor's degree in applied mathematics obtained from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, supplemented by a DESS diploma in finance management, also from the Université Paris 6, Ramatoulaye Ndiaye first turned to the consulting business. As a young graduate, she dreamt that one day she would be running her own company.

But according to the statements of Ramatoulaye herself, to become one’s "own boss", it is not enough to have the appropriate credentials but one also is in need of experience. This quest for knowledge began with a passage in the department studies and organization at Rothschild bank.

After this initial phase, she went on to consolidate her learning with a two-year stay with the firm Arthur Andersen-Gaye et Associés where she held the position of assistant to the auditing department.

Keen on moving forward and getting fully involved in the organization of companies, she did not hesitate to join the Assurances Générales Sénégalaises (A.G.S) in 1990 to set up and lead the audit and management control department. This "field work" that has lasted for a ten-year period revived in Ramatoulaye Ndiaye the desire to start her own business.

She then embarked on a project to create an insurance company. In the early 2000s, she crossed the path with Jean Kacou Diagou who was himself in search of Senegalese potential talents to expand the NSIA group that he had just created. That is how the NSIA adventure started out.

R. Ndiaye joined the Ivorian Group in 2002 as deputy general manager and got involved in the establishment of NSIA’s two life and non life subsidiary companies in Senegal, a great experience portrayed by R. Ndiaye as follows:

«It has been a tremendous opportunity to have gone through this constructive challenge at all levels. You go through different stages, just all equally exciting: starting from scratch..., developing, positioning, strengthening and monitoring to be able one day to convey...»

Ramatoulaye Ndiaye is married and has two children. Her wish: «attract interest of other young women and help promote gender diversity at the top management level and the development of women's leadership.»

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