The Algerian Earthquake in Facts and Figures

On Monday, June 23, the Algerian Minister of the Interior presented a preliminary assessment of the catastrophe that plunged Algeria in mourning on May 21, 2003. The figures below are from June 21.

243 survey teams were deployed across the 53 disaster areas. Officials consider that material damage amounts to about 5 billion USD.

Number of victimsNumber of dwellings damaged
InjuredDeceasedSurveyedCollapsedTo be consolidatedTo be demolishedInhabitable
11 4502 278182 0002 10074 00016 90089 000

According to the president of the Algerian Union of insurance and reinsurance companies, 95 % of the real estate market are not insured: only 100, 000 dwellings out of three million have a household comprehensive insurance. Among those, only the holders of contracts with an "earthquake" clause will be able to claim for insurance compensation.

Public establishments surveyedNumber
Schools & Universities
2 788
Administrative buildings
Cultural and Sport Centers
Commercials establishments
Industries & Warehouses
Others (Public works, Hydraulics, Tourism, Agriculture, Telecommunication, Transport…)
6 200
Damage estimate the day after the disaster (May 22, 2003)
Photo credit: US Gov
Major companies and sectors affected by the earthquake
Sector / CompanyLocationLoss estimation (USD)
SNVI (Société Nationale des Véhicules Industriels)
Several sites
100.2 millions out of which:
  • Material damage: 53.4 millions
  • Loss of Profit: 48.8 millions
ENGOA (Entreprise Nationale des Grands Ouvrages d'Art)
690 000
ENGP (Entreprise nationale des grands travaux pétroliers)
1.5 million
Energy and mines' sector
Several sites
128.5 millions
SONELGAZ (Société Nationale d’Electricité et du Gaz)
Several sites
64.2 millions
Religious institutions
Several sites
4.4 millions
Houari Boumediene international Airport
Algiers suburbs
12.8 millions
Public works (roads and marine)
Several sites
38.5 millions from which:
  • Boumerdes: 11.2 millions
  • Algiers: 9.6 millions
  • Tizi Ouzou: 3.9 millions
  • Tipasa: 2.8 millions
SONATRO (Société Nationale des Travaux de l’Ouest)
Several sites
0.4 up to 1.1 millions
Algiers harbour's infrastructure
4.5 millions
Roads network
Several sites
33.9 millions
Drinking water network
Several sites
64.2 millions
Hydraulic infrastrutures
Several sites
39.2 millions
Several sites
48.3 millions
INPED (Training center)
5.2 millions
Source: «La Tribune» 3 -23 June, 2003
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