TPL insurance is mandatory for Segways, single-wheeled and electric scooters

The French insurance federation has recalled that the underwriting of a third party liability policy is mandatory for all personal motor vehicles: Segway, single-wheel, electric scooter, etc. For more safety, the TPL cover can be supplemented by facultatives warranties such as theft or personal protection of the driver.

The FFA has added that driving without a TPL insurance is an offense punishable by the confiscation of the motor vehicle and a fine of up to 8 880 USD in case of recidivism.

Finally, the federation has recalled that in the event of an accident without insurance coverage, it is the compulsory insurance guarantee fund (FGAO) that provides compensation to the victims. After payment to the beneficiaries, the FGAO turns against the author of the damage which will have to refund the sum advanced plus a 10% interest.

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