Health insurance in France: three free medical visits at key ages

carte vitaleAt the end of September 2022, the Social Security will present its draft Finance Bill for the year 2023. The Bill includes a new measure aimed at monitoring French people's health at different stages of their lives. By 2023, the French health insurance system will provide its insured people with three free medical check-ups at the ages of 25, 45 and 65.

The first medical visit will focus on providing advice and gathering information about patients (vaccination records, sports activities, possible addictions, etc.). This consultation will also be an opportunity to raise awareness among young people about the need to have an attending physician.

At the age of 45, the medical visit will be geared towards screening for certain cancers (breast, colon, prostate, etc.). Mental health assessment will be an integral part of the consultation.

Finally, the medical visit at the age of 65 will target the prevention of diseases that can lead to the loss of autonomy.

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