Increased number of deaths on Tunisian roads in 2023

L’Observatoire National de la Sécurité Routière (ONSR) Statistics compiled by the National Road Safety Observatory (ONSR) indicate that a total 5 688 accidents were recorded on Tunisian roads in 2023, compared with 5 715 in 2022.

The number of deaths due to traffic accidents stands at 1 213, up by 14.8% over one year. Speeding, distraction, drowsiness behind the wheel, drunk driving, cell phone use and non-use of seatbelts are some of the main causes of road accidents.

Afef Ben Ghenia, Founder and President of the Association of Road Safety Ambassadors (ASR), believes that these factors are only becoming more prevalent with each passing year, due to a lack of compliance with regulations.

Tougher laws and more effective roadside checks are crucial to minimize the risk of accidents and loss of life.

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