The Lloyd's are examining the impact of natural catastrophes on major Asian cities

A recent study conducted by the Lloyd’s has examined the potential economic losses upon the occurrence of natural catastrophes. According to the published paper, 15 of the largest cities in Asia are exposed up to 300 billion USD over the next decade.
Photo credit: US GovTyphoon Maysak, the Philippines

This figure represents 17.7% of the annual average GDP (1.69 billion USD) generated by major cities in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Burma and Singapore.

The most important threats for the 15 Asian cities identified are made up of: typhoons (68.29 billion USD), followed by earthquakes (30.06 billion USD) and floods (22.48 billion USD).
Events generated by human activity have also been listed. They are financial crashes (60.8 billion USD) and pandemics (30.74 billion USD).

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